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Fer Sheesies time for the cheesies.  Let’s talk about straight up Photoshop comic book coloring flats workflow workarounds.  Oh yeah you’ve come to the right place, so let’s get down with some shoptalk.  YouknowwhatI’msaying!:

One problem I faced when laying down flats in Photoshop CS5 and above, was the content-aware prompt when you try to press the [delete] key to easily fill color.  As long as only have the single layer (background), in previous versions you were able to press the [delete] key and have the background color fill the selected area with color.  No need for the paintbucket.

The following steps show what I’ve done to workaround getting the prompt every time:

  1. Before we begin make sure that your [function] (f1, f2, f3, you know that top row) are Photoshop enabled.  On a Mac I had to go to the Keyboard settings to relinquish control.  I’m not sure if this is an issue on a PC. comic book coloring workflow
  2. Open up your actions window.
  3. Click on the icon to create a new action.  This will start recording what you’re doing.comic book coloring workflow
  4. A prompt will come up and I’ve called this action “foreground fill” and set the Function Key to [F1].comic book coloring workflow
  5. Make a selection on my file and hit the delete key.  This will bring up the following prompt.  I make sure that Foreground is used and the opacity is set at 100%.
  6. I then hit the stop button the actions window. comic book coloring workflow

Now if you hit the [F1] key it will act as the delete key acted in previous versions of photoshop, except that it will fill with the foreground color.  If you’d still like the background color to fill, simply change the content use to background on the 5th step above.

I personally like to use this method because it keeps my hand for the most part on the left side of the keyboard using the function key as opposed to the delete key on the far right.  I also like this method because I can now select my foreground color instead of my background color

So far the comic’s experience from one class has improved my speed by like double or possibly triple by Chris Sotomayor’s teachings.  Highly recommend his classes at

Kevin Kearney
Friday, February 14, 2014

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